7 Best Activities Not to Miss in Pattaya

Although Pattaya has a reputation for its wild party side. There are actually many things to do in this beautiful city that don’t involve neon lights and bar hopping. If you head out a little earlier in the day, you can see stunning temples shrouded in mystery and tropical landscapes teeming with life.

It’s literally impossible to get bored when visiting Pattaya. Over the years, Pattaya has grown immensely with money flooding in from tourism and expats setting up new lives in the city. As the city wealth has grown, so has the growth of new, exciting activities with business owners adding new tours and attractions to their roster.

Here are 7 activities not to miss when visiting Pattaya.

Pattaya Floating Market

One of the more unique experiences in Pattaya, a visit to the floating market is a great day out. Named the ‘four regions floating market’, this is because each part of the market is split into regions of Thailand like North, Northeast, South and Central. Rent a car or join a tour to the market on the Sukhumvit road and wander around the boat shops and riverside stalls. Each region of the market sells products that exclusively come from that part.

Visit Big Buddha Hill (Wat Phra Khao Yai)

Standing at 18m tall, Big Buddha Hill is the largest in the region and an impressive sight to behold. Sitting 100m above sea level, once you stand next to the Big Buddha, you’ll be able to enjoy views across Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. Have a nose around the temple complex and marvel at monks going about their day.

Boat Trip to Ko Larn Island

An easy 7km ride from Pattaya, there are several boats a day leaving for Ko Larn Island. Once there, you can walk around this small island easily and enjoy its six tropical beaches. You can even stay a few nights in a resort or hotel right on the beach.


Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

While many tourist attractions including elephants can be cruel, the Pattaya elephant jungle sanctuary is ethically run giving its elephants a great way of life. Run by caring staff, these elephants have been rescued from unsafe situations and now live out their days at the sanctuary. A half day tour here allows you to assist with elephant care, enjoy a mud spa with the elephants and wash it all off with a dip in a cool lake.

Relax at Ban Amphur Beach

Pattaya can be a busy place and its sometimes nice to get away from the bustle. Ban Amphur is a quiet fishing village that has a beautiful beach lined with palm trees. Jump in your car rental and enjoy a day sunbathing and eating delicious, fresh caught seafood at Amphur without the crowds.

Enjoy the Views at Pattaya Viewpoint

Day or night you can enjoy stunning views over Pattaya on Pratunmak Hill. Watch lights twinkle across the bay and chill. Sunset or sunrise are recommended times to visit here, for a real breathtaking experience.

Reflect on Life at the Sanctuary of Truth

Stunning temples are in abundance in Thailand, most of which are related to Buddhism or a religion. The Sanctuary of Truth is a bit different, as it may look like a temple but it was actually built by a local business owner as a place to go and reflect. It truly is a sight to behold, containing intricate carvings you won’t usually see.