Content Creation

We all know that Google has been saying “content is king” for a long time now, but a lot of sites are still very short of content as businesses can easily struggle with creating content that not only pleases their audience but also Google. There are many different styles of content and knowing which to use where to boost your search engine presence is important. By understanding your business our expert writers can create fresh, unique, engaging and SEO friendly content. Creating content that is harmonious and complementary to your existing pages is crucial to helping your SEO by being not only user friendly, but key word and Google friendly too.


Content Strategy

Content not only needs to be well written it also needs to be strategised which is equally as important. Creating content without a strategy is very risky as you can do as much harm as good by over optimising, creating duplicate and competing pages which can confuse search engines. Knowing what is needed, what style, how to implement it on page as well as how often to publish is as just important as the content itself. Work with us to generate engaging, authorative and trustworthy (EAT) content on large or small scales from single pages to entire multi product shopping cart websites and everything in between.

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