Increase Conversion Rate by Increasing Engagement

Put simply, user engagement is any way in which a visitor to any of your online pages pages takes action on that platform as opposed to browsing passively or leaving quickly to find a better source that matches their search query. Optimising your on page content is crucial to conversion success, having lots of text is simply not enough, especially if its not presented well. Increasing CRO is the combination of many small factors that all add up to a huge difference in conversion performance.

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Higher Conversion Rate = Higher Revenue

If you wanted to double your online revenue, there are two obvious options. One would be to double your traffic which takes not only time but can also be high in cost and also in some situation not even be achievable as the traffic isn’t there. The second option would be to increase conversions (and lower your bounce rate) which will achieve the same result not only almost instantly but is also far more achievable and cost effective. We will analyse your sites performance and make sure that your current visitors are turning into clients.

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