Moving to Thailand? Here’s 7 Essentials to Put in Your Suitcase

There are many great reasons to move to Thailand – the stunning weather, beautiful powdery beaches, exciting nightlife, tasty local food and the welcoming Thai hospitality. But, if you decide to stop for longer than a few weeks, what extras should you include in your packing list?

If you plan to move your whole home, you’ll need the help of an experienced shipping and logistics company in Thailand. But if you just want to move for a year or two, you’ll need a few added extras. To get the best out of your elongated stay in Thailand, here are 7 essentials you shouldn’t move without.

Original Personal Documents

When planning a long stay in Thailand, it’s likely you’ll need to apply for visas, a driving license or a work permit. To make the application process smooth, you may need original personal documents like; passport, birth certificate, social security card, driving license and any work qualification certificate if you plan to work in Thailand.

Up to Date Health Insurance

If you get sick or have an injury while in Thailand as a foreigner, you’ll need to pay for treatment yourself. This is why health insurance is essential to give you peace of mind, in case an accident happens. Remember to check that you are covered for the region you’ll stay in and always carry a copy of the insurance certificate.

Light Water Resistant Jacket

Just like most of SE Asia, Thailand experiences a rainy season usually between the months of May -October. While it doesn’t get particularly cold, rain showers can often be strong and prolonged. For long stays in Thailand, it’s a good idea to bring a light rain jacket or poncho.

A Good Supply of Any Medications You Need

While it’s often easy to get certain medications in Thailand, without a prescription. If you need specific medications, bring a good supply yourself so you don’t run out. It can be risky buying random medications while abroad as some countries don’t have the same regulations.

Electronics with Plug Adaptor

If you need your beloved laptop and phone for work and entertainment, make sure you bring an adaptor to keep things charged up. Think about taking a portable WIFI router also, for when you’re in an area with sketchy or zero internet access.

Clothes for All Seasons

Thailand has only three official seasons – hot, cool and wet. Hot season runs from March-June, monsoon season June-October and the cool season from November-February. The cool season will still be warm to most foreigners, but you may need a light cardigan and long trousers for the evenings.

Non Slip Flip Flops and Comfy Walking Trainers

If you plan to do a lot of walking, comfy walking shoes or trainers are a must. Flip flops or open toed sandals are also essential, to allow the feet to breath in the heat. Opt for well gripped sandals and shoes, because pavements can get slippery during the monsoon rains.